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Events Chair 

  • Oversee the committees work on all events outside of Nutrition Month, including Professional Development events

  •  Assist in implementing annual fundraiser event

  • Collaborate with other University of Manitoba student groups whenever possible

  • Brainstorm and plan new events, when applicable

Events Committee

Edicational Worksop Cordinators (2 positions)

  • Planning Speechcraft (not scheduled for 2020-2021 year due to COVID-19)

  •  Organize educational workshops inclusive of but not exclusive to:
            ▪ HAES Workshop
            ▪ Cultural Safety Workshop
            ▪ Food Photography Workshop
            ▪ Internship Information Night

  •  If this position is not filled by two people, the two events chairs will assist with the planning of these workshops

Social Events Planner & Fundraisers (2 positons)

  • Organize social events to bring the FHNS student body together

  • Plan monthly NECO get-togethers (Meetups, potlucks, bowling, etc.) if conditions  permit

  • Organize bake sales, and other fundraising events

  • Collaborate with HNSC 4140 class to create a yearly cookbook (funds will be donated to a designated charity)

Professional Network Coordinator (1 position)

  • Plan Food and HNS Student Orientation (held in September, conditions permitting)

  • Plan ‘Interprofessional Mixer’ event (Winter Term, conditions permitting)

  • Facilitate other opportunities to create connections between students and professionals both in person and over online platforms

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