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Food and Nutrition Education Library

Come visit the Food and Nutrition Education Library (FNEL) to access educational resources on nutrition, diet, and health.

Reviewing for the Exam

Educational  Resources

The Food and Nutrition Education Library contains past and present class texts, supplementary readings for all levels of food and nutrition courses to borrow.

If there is a required text you are looking for please let us know in the form below.

The FNEL also accepts donations of used textbooks to add to our library. Book an appointment to arrange a time to meet or send us a message below.

Digital Reading

Temporary Desk Space

Attend online lectures for hybrid-courses in a quiet space on campus. Priority will be given to Department of Human Nutrition Science and Food Science undergrad students.


FNEL will require at least 30 mins notice in the case of class cancellations moved to online. Subject to the availability of FNEL members and space.

Food Preparation

Lab Coat Rental

Forgot your lab coat at home? The FNEL has a variety of lab coats available to rent for Food lab use only


Lab coats are not permitted for use in food microbiology, microbiology, biology and chemistry labs. If you require to borrow a lab coat for any of the above, please see the SSA in Armes.


Locker Sales

Lockers in  the 100 level of Human Ecology are available to rent on an academic year or academic term basis from Fall-Winter.

Full and Half-sizes are available. Priority is given to Food and Human Nutritional Science students and Interpersonal Health Students.

The price of the rental is determined upon the size of the locker and the length of the rental.

Colorful Lockers

Contact the FNEL

416 Human Ecology

35 Chancellors Circle

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

Available by appointment or send us a message for more information!

Thanks for submitting!

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