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Mariah Arches


Meet Mariah Arches, this year’s Food and Nutrition Education Library Chair! Mariah is currently in her third year in the Human Nutritional Sciences program. She has been involved and enjoyed her time with NECO since the Fall of 2021. There are common misconceptions in our society that if one wants to maintain good health, they must follow a restrictive diet, give up their favourite foods and other nutrition myths. Therefore, Mariah made it one of her aims to promote reliable nutrition literacy and encourage everyone to enjoy a variety of foods. No matter where she is, she always finds herself engaged in activities related to food and human nutrition.

Food & Nutrition Education Library Chair 

​The Food & Nutrition Education Library Chair of NECO will: ​

  • Oversee and manage the Nutrition Education Library and the Display Case on the 2nd floor of Human Ecology

  • Schedule and appoint committee members for office hours and/or appointments as needed

  • Organize Display Case displays throughout the year

  • Create and maintain an organized inventory of library items and track borrowed items

  • Add new inventory to the library as needed and/or requested

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