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Fatima Saqib


Hi everyone! My name is Fatima and I’m a fourth year student in the HNS program. I am also one of the Events co-chairs on NECO this year! I’ve been part of NECO since last year, when I was part of the Nutrition Month committee. Being part of NECO has allowed me to network and develop skills that I will apply in future roles in health care. When not doing the usual school things, you can find me reading an abhorrent amount of fiction, taking part in extracurriculars, at one of my jobs, or spending time with my family. If you see me, please say hi, I’d love to chat!



Le Kim Long Nguyen (aka Leonard)

I am in fourth year (Hopefully this is my last year in school).
This is my second year in NECO. I love to work with our multi-cultural club and how united as one we have.

Career prospects: Dietitian, Lipid mediators researcher, Infant formula industry

Badminton lovers ( I have 4 racquets for doubles play),  enjoy cooking my cuisine foods (I am from Vietnam in which have Pho and many broth for soup). I wish you have a good fall term study and stay tunned for winter term since NECO will have a huge planning event for you alls.



Events Co - Chairs

​The Events Team of NECO will: 


  • Oversee the committees work on all events outside of Nutrition Month, including Professional Development events

  •  Assist in implementing annual fundraiser event

  • Collaborate with other University of Manitoba student groups whenever possible

  • Brainstorm and plan new events, when applicable

Events Committee

Educational Workshop Coordinators (2 positions)

Planning Speechcraft (not scheduled for 2020-2021 year due to COVID-19)

  •  Organize educational workshops inclusive of but not exclusive to:

        ▪ HAES Workshop
        ▪ Cultural Safety Workshop
        ▪ Food Photography Workshop           
        ▪ Internship Information Night

 If this position is not filled by two people, the two events chairs will assist with the planning of these workshops

Social Events Planner & Fundraisers (2 positons)

  • Organize social events to bring the FHNS student body together

  • Plan monthly NECO get-togethers (Meetups, potlucks, bowling, etc.) if conditions  permit

  • Organize bake sales, and other fundraising events

  • Collaborate with HNSC 4140 class to create a yearly cookbook (funds will be donated to a designated charity)

Professional Network Coordinator (1 position)

  • Plan Food and HNS Student Orientation (held in September, conditions permitting)

  • Plan ‘Interprofessional Mixer’ event (Winter Term, conditions permitting)

  • Facilitate other opportunities to create connections between students and professionals both in person and over online platforms

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